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90 add

Bof bof bof

Great game!!

I really enjoy fishing with this game, its my favorite game out of the appstore!! Thats no joke, I recomment everyone to download this game. Thx for the great work!! Keep on working!! Well done.Im german, sorry for some mistakes, but I thought it would be the best language to communicate... TTP

The fish that got away....

Free version allows one lake trial only. Yes, like everyone says the ads are brutally located. Its easy to launch into an ad and be kicked right out of the game. Casting is not intuitive. You actually have to reverse the motion from down to up then release to achieve maximum distance (50 ft). When you want to move locations you touch the boat icon on the top right corner.....but this also forces a half hearted cast so when you get to the new desired loacation you auto start with a lame cast and splash....so bad. Also, there is an option to manually drive the boat however the steering wheel control is a complete disaster. Its much easier to tap to your desired location as choppy as that is. It was fun for a few days. I would be more inclined to buy at a buck.....but for 3 bucks I will easily pass.

I fishing lite

Best game ever


This is a game that I could not play for more then ten mins

Great entertainment

I am an avid fisherman so I had high expectations about this game. It has good quality graphics and scenarios. Lots of fun.

Totally addicting

Love this game!! Its addicting am really love the fact when u get the word of the day done u still have coins to collect. Got a friend addicted as well!


Its a good game to past your time


Game is, was, great. After playing for a while, got those annoying ads at the bottom. Any way to remove these? If not, will delete this App.

Fishing is awesome

Really enjoy this app. It is making me fail at school but its worth it!

Great app

It is a great app my biggest Muskie was 63.23 pounds. Their other app ifishing saltwater is good too


This game is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fishing

Best game I ever played



Very funny

Good for cool fishing ;)


Not realistic at all. The boat controls are terrible, theres a small choice of lures, and every single fish is a trophy.




Not to bad

IFishing lite good

I love this game


How can you hate this game? Its nothing short of awesome

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